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Prozac No Prescription

Did you know that you can buy Prozac with no prior prescription in the US? Surprisingly, many consumers who rely on prescription medications for various afflictions are not aware of this. You have probably heard of consumers ordering medications from Canada, either online or by physically going across the border, in order to save money. Sites such as ours allow you to get all your medications from a pharmacy based in the US.



Generic Prozac Medication

As with all brand medications such as Prozac, they are initially protected by patent. This means that only the initial company that made the drug is legally allowed to sell and market that drug. The good news for you is that Prozac is no longer protected by patents. This means that other drug manufacturers can now develop their own generic versions of Prozac. This also means significant cost savings for patients since these generic versions are cheaper to make. Keep in mind that generic Prozac known as fluoxetine is just as effective as brand name Prozac.

What is Prozac Weekly?

Prozac weekly is a formulation of Prozac that releases more slowly into the body. Since this type of Prozac is released more slowly into the blood stream, patients do not have to take this version of the drug as often as other versions of the drug. The actual effect of this type of Prozac is no different than other types of fluoxetine. Since you don't have to take this version as often as the other versions it is more convenient. This form of the drug can help those patients who forget to take their medicines.

Fluoxetine Drug

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Prozac (Fluoxetine)